Adolf Insam and Dan Tudin continue to hold the reins

Collalbo, May 2, 2022 - After the 2021/22 season is over, the 2022/23 season is already in the works: for weeks now, preparations for the next season have been in full swing at Renon. This year, too, the same people who took care of it last year are in charge: Adolf Insam is once again taking care of the sports interests of the Alps HL team, while Dan Tudin is taking more responsibility in the youth sector of the Rittner Buam.

Adolf Insam has been the sports director of the Rittner Buam's first team for eight years. In the last years his work has been rewarded with numerous successes. Therefore, one should not be surprised if the club and the former Italian national team player and coach continue on the same path. "I can't say much yet about the goals for next season, it's still early to make predictions. With our local players we have already talked and also the rule regarding foreign players should not change. The conflict in Ukraine might have some effects on the market, but it is still too early to talk about it more precisely," says the 71-year-old.

Insam can however reveal when the Rittner Buam will start the preparation for the Alps HL 2022/23: "Santeri Heiskanen will return to Italy on May 17. In the days immediately following we will be able to start dry training under his supervision, as we had done last year as well. It was worth it, because especially our younger players have improved their fitness enormously", the Gardena native Insam praises the work of his head coach.

Even for the Rittner Buam's youth sector coordinator Dan Tudin, Insam has only praise: "His experience as a player is a huge advantage that was seen from the beginning. He knows what makes the kids tick and as a coach he can show the drills firsthand. Also, as everyone knows, he's been a sensational player." Tudin started in charge of the Rittner Buam's youth sector last year and will continue this job with more responsibility this year. From coordinating training sessions to selecting youth coaches - everything is now in the hands of the 43-year-old Canadian. "The kids admire him and, since he has meanwhile become a true resident of Renon, there are no problems from a linguistic point of view either - he can speak South Tyrolean dialect fluently," Insam explains in conclusion.

Photo: Max Pattis