Against the Broncos the Rittner Buam return to winning

Collalbo, November 18, 2021 - 48 hours after the 2:8 defeat against the leader Jesenice, Santeri Heiskanen's team had the chance to rejoice. In the challenge against the Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephan the blue-reds got three important points for the Series A rankings by winning 4:0. Moreover, in front of almost 500 spectators they could celebrate the first shutout of goalie Jake Smith with the Rittner Buam uniform.

THE SUMMARY: Not even against the Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephan the Rittner Buam can play at full strength. They have to do without Sailio, Spinell, Quinz and Ivo Prast. Nevertheless, the blue-reds will give gas from the start in order to forget as soon as possible the sound defeat (2:8) against Jesenice. Santeri Heiskanen's team is rewarded after 4 and a half minutes into the game, when Simon Kostner feeds MacGregor Sharp who beats Jakob Rabanser. At this moment the Renon team was on the powerplay. Afterwards the guests take courage, but they can't put Smith in trouble. The Rittner Buam let the Broncos play, then, in the last minutes, they change gear. However, they fail to score before the siren.

In the second period a penalty is given to Julian Kostner, but then both Cristellon and Oberdörfer have to make their way to the penalty box within a very short time. So the Rittner Buam can move in 5 against 3, but nothing happens except two powerful shots of Lutz. Then the house masters don't succeed against the strong defense of the Vipiteno team. Only in the last minute, with the Rittner Buam again in power play, the house masters create the best chances of the second period. Twice, however, captain Simon Kostner had to surrender to the strong Rabanser from the shortest distance. At the siren's whistle the puck ends up in the Vipiteno's goal after another attempt of Kostner, but the goal is not allowed.

A goal is validated after a little more than two minutes of the third period. Manuel Öhler passes to Sharp who quickly gives it to Julian Kostner and the latter scores the 2:0 goal. The house masters created many other occasions and the third goal of the blue-reds was in the air. It finally arrives in the 53rd minute with an Alex Frei goal. The game was closed by Zach Osburn with a shot from the blueline three and a half minutes before the siren. At the end of the game, however, not the scorers were celebrated, but Goalie Smith. For the first time since he has been with the Rittner Buam, he has shut the door. To do so, he had to stretch at least a few times in the last period.

Thanks to this victory, the Rittner Buam climb to the third place in the Alps Hockey League standings and also in the Series A championship. Next week Santeri Heiskanen's team will be engaged in three matches, two at home against Steel Wings Linz and HC Merano and one away from home against HC Gherdëina. The latter match will be the second of the week.

Rittner Buam - Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephan 4:0 (1:0, 0:0, 3:0)Goals: 1:0 MacGregor Sharp (4'35"/PP), 2:0 Julian Kostner (42'02"), 3:0 Alex Frei (52'19"), 4:0 Zach Osburn (56'30" /PP)MVPs of the match - powered by Loacker: Jakob Rabanser (Broncos) & Kevin Fink (RB)

Photo: Max Pattis