From forward to co-coach: MacGregor Sharp stays with Renon

Collalbo, April 29, 2022 - MacGregor Sharp will no longer wear the Rittner Buam uniform next season, but he will take on the role of assistant coach. So, in spite of his retirement, the 36-year-old Canadian will remain with the Rittner Buam as coach and will immediately collaborate closely with head coach Santeri Heiskanen.

For two seasons MacGregor Sharp chased goals for the Rittner Buam and succeeded masterfully: 37 times in 74 games he scored points as a goal scorer and another 39 times he was ready with assists. "MacGregor Sharp is an extremely talented versatile forward who has been a very important member of our team both on the ice and in the locker room. He can boast a fine playing career and has even played in the NHL (8 games with the Anaheim Ducks, Ed.). We can only congratulate him", sport director Adolf Insam praises the experienced center, who won the first EBEL title with HC Bolzano.

Sharp and Insam have a special bond, after all in the 2011/12 season Insam had been Sharp's head coach at HC Bolzano. "I've known him for ten years. He is a quiet guy, very laid back. I've always been in touch with him and I was very happy when he came to us two years ago," Insam emphasized.

Even after the end of his playing career MacGregor Sharp will continue to commute between Eppan, where he lives, and Klobenstein. The Canadian will replace Slovenian Rok Paijc in the role of assistant coach. "We couldn't have found a better solution. Sharp knows the coach and youth coordinator Dan Tudin, he knows the whole environment and by the way, going from player to coach is a fantastic transition for him as well," Insam says with conviction. Sharp will not only work as assistant coach for the first team, but will most likely also coach in the youth sector.

Adolf Insam would also like to thank Rok Paijc for his two years with the Rittner Buam. "Here on the Renon Rok Paijc has done a great job, which we could rely on. We wish him the best for his sporting and personal future," concludes the sports director.

Photo: Max Pattis