The game in Linz is a dress rehearsal for the IHL-Series A semifinal

Collalbo, January 7, 2022 - After the postponement for medical precautions of the away game against the Vienna Capitals Silver scheduled on Friday, January 7, this week the Rittner Buam will "only" play on Saturday at the Steel Wings Linz. The match in the Austrian city will start at 6 pm.

The Rittner Buam are experiencing a crisis of results. Santeri Heiskanen's team has lost the last three games, although the blue-reds have not necessarily been the worst on the ice. in the games against Feldkirch, Jesenice and EC Bregenzerwald. Unfortunately with the absences of Simon Kostner, Alex Frei and Jari Sailio the Rittner Buam are missing three important offensive forces. "Simon Kostner is back available and also goalie Jake Smith is fit again. Unfortunately on Saturday, in addition to Sailio and Frei, MacGregor Sharp will also be absent. We have to fight again with many injuries", says Rittner Buam sport director Adolf Insam. 

Nevertheless, on Saturday a change of course must take place against Steel Wings Linz, who in turn are in bad shape and have lost six of their last seven league matches. Saturday's game will be very important also because for the Rittner Buam it will represent the dress rehearsal of the IHL-Series A semifinal. As it is known, next week Santeri Heiskanen's team will face HC Gherdëina in a best-of-three series to reach the final of the Italian championship.

First, however, the attention will go to the away game in Linz. In the first leg, the blue-reds had won 7:2 against the penultimate team in the standings - it was the fourth success in five meetings with the team from the steel town. "In Linz we will have to act in a disciplined way, although, perhaps, with the head we will already be in the playoffs for the Scudetto. I am convinced that by playing focused, we can win the game in Linz," dictates Insam.


Alps Hockey Leaugue 2021/22

Saturday, January 8, 2022 - 6 pm, Linz AG Eisarena, Linz

Steel Wings Linz - Rittner Buam


Current standings:

  1. HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice, average points 2.519 (68 points/27 games)
  2. Migro Supermarkets Asiago Hockey 2,120 (53/25)
  3. Rittner Buam 1,964 (55/28)
  4. EHC Lustenau 1,852 (50/27)
  5. EC Bregenzerwald 1,650 (33/20)
  6. SHC Fassa Falcons 1,643 (46/28)
  7. S.G. Cortina Hafro 1,630 (44/27)
  8. HC Gherdëina 1,600 (40/25)
  9. Red Bull Hockey Juniors 1.586 (46/29)
  10. EK Die Zeller Eisbären 1,483 (43/29)
  11. HC Meran/o Pircher 1,296 (35/27)
  12. Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephan 1,231 (32/26)
  13. EC-KAC Future Team 1,143 (32/28)
  14. BEMER VEU Feldkirch 1,074 (29/27)
  15. EC Die Adler Stadtwerke Kitzbühel 1,071 (30/28)
  16. Steel Wings Linz 1,000 (27/27)
  17. Vienna Capitals Silver 0.625 (15/24)

Photo: Max Pattis