Mir sein die Buam


And those hearts leaped!
A crooked stick, a puck and a frozen-over pond. A hockey player’s heart really couldn’t ask for more! And Ritten had all of this. So, 50 years after the world’s very first proper ice hockey game was played in 1875, this fabulous sport finally conquered Ritten’s hearts.



Birth of SCR
Once winter settled in on our little plateau mountain, hockey buffs would come together at the local pond Wolfsgrubner See. At last in 1928, the Sport Club Renon was founded. And, yes, the rest is history.


First Championships
Our “Buam” (local dialect for “boys”) participated in the Italian Championship for the first time in 1929. This was the year our success story was launched.




Ice Ice Ice!
Soon the pond was no longer enough and shortly after WWII, Ritten’s first ice rink was built.





This year celebrates Ritten’s first title. The team wins the Italian Division B Championship and will play in the first one, the highest league in Italy, Division A, for the next 3 years.




Sportverein Ritten
Up until the 1980s, Ritten had 3 different teams – SC Ritten, HC Unterinn and WSV Rittnerhorn- and all of them played in different leagues. In 1984, the 3 teams joined forces and united to form the Sportverein Ritten.



And again Ritten wins Division B beating HC Como in by one goal, thus rising to the first division again. However, the adventure in the highest Italian league does not last long. Two years later, Ritten drops back down to the second division.




Ritten wins the Division B Championship once again, for the third time in their club’s history.



Rittner Buam
Since 2004, we have been playing in Italy’s highest league as Rittner Buam (“Ritten Boys”).


First Title
From the beginning, we set our hopes on and put all our heart into our homegrown talent. In 2009, a consistent youth development program would finally bear its fruits. For the very first time in the club’s history we beat HC Bozen in the finals of the Supercoppa Trophy.


During the 2009/2010 season we celebrate a lot of achievements: we bring two Trophy titles to Ritten, the Supercoppa and the Coppa Italia. In the Championship finals however, we lose to one of our strongest opponents, Asiago. Oh, and by the way, we enter the finals 4 times before we are finally able to bring home the title.



And, at last we are able to beat the curse of second place and for the very first time in history, Ritten ends the season as Italy’s Division A Champion. We also won the Coppa Italia during this season.



We bring the Coppa Italia home for the third time now. But in the finals of the league championships we are once again defeated by Asiago.




The Boys strike back! After a white knuckling final against HC Pustertal, Ritten does it again and wins the first division championship.




The season of 2016/17 marks a new beginning for our club. The Boys along with 15 other teams from 3 different countries enter the newly founded Alps Hockey League, the AHL.




The Buam continue to astound: after a thrilling semi-final, they make their way into the Super Final of the 2016- 2017 Continental Cup




The Buam win the Italian championship for the third time.





Historic victory: The Rittner Buam are the first champions of the newly founded Sky Alps Hockey League AHL




The Buam win the Italian championship for the fourth time.




Also 2018 the Rittner Buam win the “Super Coppa” in Milan