A six points Saturday for the Rittner Buam

Canazei, February 19, 2022 - Santeri Heiskanen's team on Saturday night asserted itself 5:1 away in the Alps Hockey League Master Round game against Fassa. But on Saturday, six points were awarded to the Rittner Buam.

In the afternoon, in fact, the Alps Hockey League has determined that the game between Lustenau and the Rittner Buam cancelled on Thursday has been counted with a 5:0 victory in favour of the South Tyroleans by virtue of the Game Book rules in force. On the day of the game, the Vorarlberg team had declared itself unfit to play and did not show up for the match in Collalbo.

SUMMARY: Saturday night, a few hours after the announcement, the challenge between Fassa and the Rittner Buam starts at the Gianmario Scola stadium in Canazei. Coach Heiskanen has to do without Frei and Ramoser, but he has almost the whole team at his disposal. A few seconds after the half of the first period, Julian Kostner leads the blue-red with his eleventh goal of the season, after the Rittner Buam have overcome the first penalty kill. Not even a minute of play has passed in the second period when Markus Spinell extends the lead to 0:2. For the winger this is the 13th goal of the season. Shortly after, Zach Osburn (12th goal of the season) brings the lead to three goals (25'23"). The Rittner Buam create numerous occasions and at the end of the second period, 37 shots were taken by the blue-red against 16 by Fassa.

The house masters' hopes were rekindled in the 46th minute when Pietroniro shortened the distances with the goal of 1:3 on the powerplay. But the Rittner Buam stifle their hopes after exactly 49 seconds, when Osburn gets busy and restores the three lengths of advantage. Ten minutes before the end Robert Öhler closes the game with the goal of 1:5. In the Master Round classification the Rittner Buam climb to the second place and, four games before the end of the second phase, are in full race for the quarter-finals.


Fassa Falcons - Rittner Buam 1:5 (0:1, 0:2, 1:2)

Goals: 0:1 Julian Kostner (10'35"), 0:2 Markus Spinell (20'54"), 0:3 Zach Osburn (25'23"), 1:3 Pietroniro (45'20" /PP), 1:4 Zach Osburn (46'09"), 1:5 Robert Öhler (50'08")

Photo: Max Pattis