A strong Fassa challenges the Rittner Buam until the end

Canazei, October 14, 2021 - The Rittner Buam on Thursday night were able to increase their winning streak in the Alps Hockey League. Thanks to a 4:2 success against Fassa Falcons in Canazei, Santeri Heiskanen's team got three points for the fifth time in a row. However, the eighth success of the season required a lot of work from Simon Kostner and his teammates.

SUMMARY: The Rittner Buam can line up 4 complete lines in the away match in Canazei. Only the long term injured Manuel Öhler is not available for coach Santeri Heiskanen, who gives confidence to Jake Smith between the posts. To see the first goal at the Gianmario Scola stadium the fans have to wait four minutes. Schiavone has a good deflection on Lindgren's shot and scores the 1:0 goal, with which he takes the advantage of the house masters that are proving to be strong. The Rittner Buam, who after a quarter of an hour found themselves in numeric inferiority, managed to draw before the siren sounded. While Lang was bored in the penalty box, the house masters also got a penalty to make it even. As soon as the blue-reds were back on the ice, Sharp placed the puck in Vay's goal. The first 20 minutes of the game ended on 1:1, but with 17 shots on goal to 6, the chances created by Fassa in the first period were many more.


Also in the second period, Marco Liberatore's team dictates the rhythm first and at the 23rd minute is rewarded with a new advantage. It's Schiavone again to beat Smith. Then the house masters missed the third goal. For its part, Renon's team grows and manages to create more chances on net. So, after 36'17" minutes, Markus Spinell, assisted by Marzolini, scores the 2:2 goal with an incredibly precise shot in the long corner. The two teams arrived at the second intermission in a draw situation.


As soon as the final period started, the Rittner Buam surprised the "hawks" with the 2:3 scored by captain Simon Kostner after only 12 seconds. The shot happens again on Marzolini's assist who plays against his old club. The outcome of the game between the two teams playing on equal footing comes with six minutes left in the game when Uusivirta scores the 4th goal for Renon (2:4). In the final minutes, the Ladins take their goalie off the ice, but the result doesn't change.


After the eighth victory in nine championship games, the Rittner Buam cannot rest on their laurels for long. On Saturday the 16th of October, the blue-red will be back on the ice of the Ritten Arena, where they will meet the Vienna Capitals Silver at 6 pm.



Alps Hockey League 2021/22

Fassa Falcons - Rittner Buam 2:4 (1:1, 1:1, 0:2)

Goals: 1:0 Schiavone (4'04"), 1:1 MacGregor Sharp (17'05" /PP), 2:1 Schiavone (22'36"), 2:2 Markus Spinell (36'17"), 2:3 Simon Kostner (40'12"), 2:4 Lasse Uusivirta (53'53")

Photo: Max Pattis