Asiago takes revenge with an easy victory

Asiago, December 4, 2021 - A little more than one month after the 5:1 defeat at home against the Rittner Buam, Asiago Saturday night clearly won the return match of the Alps Hockey League. At home, at the Odegar stadium, the Italian champions have really overshadowed Heiskanen's team and at the end they won 8:1. In the 169th duel between the two historical clubs, the 94th victory for Asiago has arrived. 

THE SUMMARY: In the top match between Asiago, fourth, and the Rittner Buam, second in the standings, both teams arrive very weakened by absences. The South Tyrolean team is missing Sharp, Quinz, Pechlaner, Giacomuzzi, Fink, Jakob Prast and Manuel Öhler, so coach Heiskanen can hardly deploy three lines. The coach of the Venetians, Mattila, on the other hand, has to make do with nine forwards and five defenders. Despite this, the defending Italian champions take the lead at the 3rd minute, when Marchetti is served in an exemplary way by Giliati and concludes a counterattack with the goal of 1:0. The Rittner Buam struggle and only towards the middle of the first period they slowly enter in the game. Just then, however, the second goal of the house masters arrives. Mantenuto steals the puck from Osburn behind the Renon's goal, advances and beats Smith (10'18"). In the final phase, Asiago is more than once on the point of scoring the third goal, but the first 20 minutes end on 2:0.

In the second period Asiago closes the game. The number 21 of the Rittner Buam Frei, just returned on the ice after a penalty, misses a pass that Tessari sinks coldly in the net for the 3:0 (22'59"). The Rittner Buam reply briefly, but Simon Kostner and Sailio are beaten by Vallini. Not yet half an hour has passed when the blue-roses have to accept the 4:0. While the house masters were playing in numeric superiority, Stevan scored on the volley an excellent goal (29'24"). The games between the two teams are closed after 33'03" minutes, when Salinitri brings the Venetians on 5:0. Smith, unnerved, leaves the place between the posts to Hannes Treibenreif.

The last fraction of the game started from 74 seconds when Salinitri completes the half-dozen. Five minutes later, with a precise shot in the corner Robert Öhler manages to slightly improve the result and give the flagship goal to the Rittner Buam (46'18"). But Asiago hasn't had enough yet and at the 52nd minute, in numeric superiority, takes a six lengths advantage. After a beautiful solo action, Marchetti surprises Treibenreif between the legs. But it is not enough, since at 2'21" from the siren Tessari overcomes Lang with a fake, turns around Treibenreif and scores the 8:1 goal. Asiago could also score a ninth goal, but in the final minute Lievore takes the crossbar.

Thanks to this home victory, Asiago consolidates the first place in IHL-Serie A and moves to only one point from the Rittner Buam in the Alps Hockey League, but the Collalbo team played three more games.


Migross Supermarkets Asiago Hockey - Rittner Buam 8:1 (2:0, 3:0, 3:1)

Goals: 1:0 Marchetti (2'58"), 2:0 Mantenuto (10'18"), 3:0 Tessari (22'59"), 4:0 Stevan (29'24" /PP), 5:0 Salinitri (33'03"), 6:0 Salinitri (41'14"), 6:1 Robert Öhler (46'18"), 7:1 Marchetti (51'42"), 8:1 Tessari (57'39")

Photo: Max Pattis