Feldkirch stumbles against the Rittner Buam

Collalbo, December 28, 2021 - After four victories in a row, on Tuesday night the Rittner Buam had to come back and chew the bitter taste of defeat. In front of the 423 spectators of the Ritten Arena, the blue-red lost, surprisingly and with a bit of bad luck, against the BEMER VEU Feldkirch (2:3).

THE SUMMARY: If the second last team in the standings is guest of the second one, the matter is clear on paper. But the BEMER VEU Feldkirch on Tuesday night doesn't hide and answers to the Rittner Buam. In the first period, the Vorarlberg team found two good occasions with Gehringer, but both were defused by Treibenreif (1st, 5th). The best occasion for the house masters, who had to do without Lang, Pechlaner and Alex Frei, was wasted by Osburn who took the crossbar from the short distance (6th). Shortly before the intermission Sharp was beaten by Caffi who made 13 saves in the initial period.

In the second period, Michael Lampert's team didn't loosen its grip and took the lead at the 24th minute. Unfortunately, captain Simon Kostner led Stanley's shot into his own goal. The goal is a wake up call for the Renon team that in phases manages to squeeze Feldkrich in its own area. But the guest goalie Caffi continues to be an insuperable obstacle. The long deserved draw comes only after 35'13" when with the blue-red in numeric superiority, Julian Kostner scores with a masterful one timer. Shortly after Manuel Öhler (37th) and Jari Sailio (39th), both from central positions, wasted two occasions that would have brought the Rittner Buam in advantage. 

For Santeri Heiskanen's team the final period starts with a cold shower. After only 56 seconds of the game, Sticha scores on a rebound and brings the guests to a 2:1 advantage, that less than one minute later extend with Gehringer (41'39"). With a skillful wrist shot, the number 21 sends the puck under the crossbar after having escaped from the blue-red defense. The Rittner Buam carry on their game, continue to shoot and at the 52nd minute are rewarded. Markus Spinell - perfectly served by Simon Kostner - deceives the innocent Caffi and sends the puck over the line. Renon's team launches forward and at 80 seconds to the end replaces the goalie with a sixth skater, but the outcome doesn't change and the Rittner Buam suffer a narrow defeat (2:3). After four victories in a row, the Rittner Buam are beaten and take their fourth defeat on 14 meetings with Feldkirch.

The Rittner Buam will be busy again on Thursday night. Heiskanen's team will be guest of the leader Jesenice. The top game of the Alps Hockey League will start at 7pm.


Rittner Buam - BEMER VEU Feldkirch 2:3 (0:0, 1:1, 1:2)

Goals: 0:1 Stanley (23'10"), 1:1 Julian Kostner (35'13" /PP), 1:2 Sticha (40'56"), 1:3 Gehringer (41'39"), 2:3 Markus Spinell (51'20")

MVP of the match powered by Loacker: Alex Caffi (VEU) and Hannes Treibenreif (RIT)

Photo: Max Pattis