In the last home game of the regular season in Collalbo the "young bulls" celebrate

Collalbo, January 20, 2022 - In the penultimate game before the start of the Master Round, the Rittner Buam suffered a narrow defeat at home. On Thursday night Santeri Heiskanen's team had to surrender to the Red Bull Hockey Juniors 3:4 after the penalty shootout.

THE SUMMARY: Dylan Di Perna makes his debut in the Rittner Buam uniform in the home game against the Red Bull Hockey Juniors. Renon's team has to do without four players: Frei, Sailio, Kevin Fink and Andreas Lutz. The guests started with momentum and in the first minute with Mastic forced Smith to parry with a leg. Shortly afterwards Renon's goalie had to surrender when he managed to only partially stop a slap shot by Wimmer. Even afterwards, the Salzburg team is more active, the house masters take the lead only towards the middle of the initial period, when they can act with an extra man on the ice. On the power play, the blue-reds manage to draw with Markus Spinell who surprises the goalie Wieser (13'37"). For Renon's team things get even better, as not even one minute later Manuel Öhler brings the Rittner Buam in the lead from short distance (14'24") and simultaneously fixes the score of the first period.

The Rittner Buam come out of the locker room extremely determined. But it is the "young bulls" who score with Eham, who finalizes a pass (24'07"). Not even four minutes later, Auer could take the lead again, but his penalty-shot is bravely saved by Smith. And the goalie of the Rittner Buam had to overcome himself even in the final minute of the 2nd period when Lipiansky tested him from the shortest distance. So, after 40 minutes, the score remained at 2:2.

In the last fraction of the game, the best occasion arrived first for the Rittner Buam, when Spinell served Manuel Öhler, but the latter could not beat Wieser (43rd). Shortly after, however, when Simon Kostner's conclusion crossed the goal line (44'14") the "Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch" resounded in the Ritten Arena. But the advantage, as it arrived, vanished: only 90 seconds later Krening managed to tie the game with a precise diagonal shot (45'44"). The game is a continuous back and forth. Five minutes before the end Osburn's shot ends on the post. No other goals were scored, so the game went into overtime. Also in the overtime the Rittner Buam, despite being in powerplay, cannot score. The winner is then established in the series of penalty shots, where Heigl is the only one to score on a penalty shot and decides the final result.

The Rittner Buam will have to play the last game of the regular season on the road. On Saturday, Santeri Heiskanen's team will face EC Bregenzerwald at the Messestadion in Dornbirn. This match will also start at 7pm.


Rittner Buam - Red Bull Hockey Juniors 3:4 SO (2:1, 0:1, 1:1, 0:0, 0:1)Goals: 0:1 Wimmer (2'20"), 1:1 Markus Spinell (13'37" /PP), 2:1 Manuel Öhler (14'24"), 2:2 Eham (24'07"), 3:2 Simon Kostner (44'14"), 3:3 Krening (45'44"), 3:4 Heigl (decisive penalty)MVP of the match powered by Loacker: Eham (RBJ) and Spinell (RIT)