Rittner Buam beat the "polar bears” toothless

Collalbo, October 7, 2021 - In the top match of the day between the Rittner Buam (4th) and the EK Die Zeller Eisbären (5th) on Thursday night the blue-red asserted themselves. At the end of 60 exciting minutes in the Ritten Arena the score was 8:2 for the hosts. Santeri Heiskanen's team thus climbs to the fourth place in the Alps Hockey League standings.

SUMMARY: The match between the Rittner Buam and the "polar bears" of EK Die Zeller Eisbären starts with a half hour delay because of the traffic encountered by the guests. The blue-reds, who have to do without Manuel Öhler, give gas right from the start of the challenge with the Autrian team, but in the initial phase it's the guests who have the best chances. Ban appeared all alone in front of Smith, but his shot was stopped by the goalkeeper's leg (4th). Shortly afterwards Simon Kostner had to spend two minutes in the penalty box, but Heiskanen's team overcame killed the penalty unharmed. Renon's team is just back to full strength, when Lutz and Simon Kostner have to surrender to the guests' goalie Frank. Shortly after, Jari Sailio shoots the puck to the cross of the posts from the high slot and scores the 1:0 goal for the Rittner Buam (7'56"). Not even two minutes later Osburn could score the 2:0, but he catches the crossbar. Afterwards, the house masters continue to be the most propositional, while the team from Zell am See shows itself dangerous in counterattacks. The end of the 20 minutes confirms the narrow but deserved advantage of the Rittner Buam.


In the second period, the Rittner Buam make a rage in attack between the minutes 24 and 33 and score five goals, one more beautiful than the other. The first one comes from Simon Kostner who, perfectly served by Frei in the slot, scores 2:0 (23'52"). Seventy-two seconds pass and Sharp scores the 3:0 goal taking advantage of a defensive distraction. Coach Avgustincic calls a time out for the guests, but it doesn't have much effect. At 28'02" Simon Kostner scores the 4:0, beating Frank in fall. The fifth goal for Renon's team arrives at the half hour of the game with Osburn who, after having moved forward, shoots the puck with precision at the cross of the posts. Frank gives way in the Eisbären's goal to Tschrepitsch who takes an adversary's goal before the siren sounds. Julian Kostner surprises the goalie between the suspenders (32'27"). With the 6:0 goal while on the powerplay, the game is now closed.


The more than 300 fans present at the Ritten Arena can enjoy four more goals in the last part of the game. First Jari Sailio scores the 7:0 at the end of a nice action (44'48"), then eight and a half minutes before the end Akerman prevents goalie Smith from ending the game with a shutout but it was too little too late.  The hosts' countered quickly: at the 59th minute, in on the powerplay, Giacomuzzi deflects a shot by Osburn for the 8:1 goal. The game ends with another goal of Zell am See: seven seconds before the end of the match, Egger scores the final goal of the 8:2 win for Rittner Buam.  


At the end of the game Matthias Tschrepitsch (EK Die Zeller Eisbären) and Simon Kostner (Rittner Buam) were awarded as best players of the match and received a surprise package from Loacker. For the Rittner Buam, the championship will continue on Saturday, October 9 with an away game in Salzburg against the Red Bull Hockey Juniors (7:15 pm).



Alps Hockey League 2021/22

Rittner Buam - EK Die Zeller Eisbären 8:2 (1:0, 5:0, 2:2)

Goals: 1:0 Jari Sailio (7'56"), 2:0 Simon Kostner (23'52"), 3:0 MacGregor Sharp (25'04"), 4:0 Simon Kostner (28'02"), 5:0 Zach Osburn (29'59"), 6: 0 Julian Kostner (32'27" /PP), 7:0 Jari Sailio (44'48"), 7:1 Jesper Akerman (51'31"), 8:1 Adam Giacomuzzi (58'09" /PP), 8:2 Maximilian Egger (59'53" /PP)


Photo: Max Pattis