Rittner Buam celebrate a large victory in Feldkirch

Feldkirch, September 28, 2021 - The sixth day of the Alps Hockey League for the Rittner Buam ended with their fifth win. On Tuesday night in Feldkirch, the blue-reds defeated the hosts, VEU Feldkirch 1:6 in the 13th meeting between the two clubs. However, the 10th success against the Vorarlberg team is by a considerable margin- the last three goals came only in the turbulent final period.

Let’s Recap. In a first period with a sustained rhythm, the Rittner Buam, with Jake Smith in goal and Marzolini, Kevin Fink and Manuel Öhler out, come out to a quick start and after the first 5 minutes of the game: Alex Frei feeds MacGregor Sharp who, lurking on the second post, finalizes the dry action with the goal of the 0:1 in backhand. The house masters reacted, but Smith was ready on Rosenberger's missiles in numeric superiority (10th), Stanley (17th) and Revesz (18th). In the 20th minute, the guests also became dangerous, but Caffi was quick on Andreas Lutz' diagonal shot.


The second third started a few seconds before, when the strong Smith had to intervene in a decisive way on Trastasenkovs. Shortly after, on the opposite side, the blue-red scored the 0:2 goal. Pechlaner grabed the puck, skates around Caffi's goal, sees Quinz on the far post and sends him the puck to score without any difficulty (23'41"). Then Santeri Heiskanen's team pushes for the third goal, but the house masters almost come back. When Osburn loses the puck, Trastasenkovs has to surrender to the Rittner Buam's goalkeeper. Shortly afterwards it's Lebeda who, after a quick counter-attack, can't get past Jake Smith. On the other side of the field, the five times Italian champion team does better than them: Sailio passes to Frei, who turns the puck to Sharp and the latter shoots the puck on goal (34'11"). Will this be the goal that will decide the outcome of the 13th exciting challenge between the two historical clubs?


No, it won't, because when in the 42nd minute Jari Sailio goes to sit in the penalty box, VEU Feldkirch takes advantage of the power play and Stanley shortens the lead with a precise diagonal shot (42'38"). The Vorarlberg team cut the lead to 2 is now aiming for their second goal, but it is the Rittner Buam who are closer to the fourth goal. Quinz rings it off the crossbar and a few seconds later Sharp doesn't take advantage of a striking defensive mistake of the adversaries. In the final phase, the Rittner Buam put the game out of reach. First Osburn scores the goal of 1:4 by shooting the puck under the crossbar after an irresistible solo effort (57'10"). 33 seconds later, with the guests in killing a penalty, from behind Renon's goal, number 2 of the Rittner Buam sends the puck into the empty Feldkirch's net. Finally, still killing the penalty, Jari Sailio beats Caffi and scores the final 1:6 in front of the 569 spectators of the Vorarlberghalle (58'33").


Now, after three games in six days, the Rittner Buam will have some time to recharge their batteries. Their next game in the Alps Hockey League is scheduled for Thursday, October 7, when at 8 pm when they will be engaged at home at the Ritten Arena against the Zeller Eisbären.



Alps Hockey League 2021/22

Bemer VEU Feldkirch - Rittner Buam 1:6 (0:1, 0:2 1:3)

Goals: 0:1 Sharp (5'05"), 0:2 Quinz (23'41"), 0:3 Sharp (34'11"), 1:3 Stanley (42'38"), 1:4 Osburn (57'10"), 1:5 Osburn (57'43" /EN/SH), 1:6 Sailio (58'33" /SH)


Photo: Max Pattis