Rittner Buam get two points in Asiago

Asiago, February 26, 2022 - Santeri Heiskanen's team on Saturday night showed a lot of initiative in the Master Round of the Alps Hockey League. The blue-reds recovered the initial 3-0 disadvantage against Asiago and, despite conceding the 4:3 goal in the last minute of regulation time, came out victorious. The game went to the Rittner Buam at the end of the overtime (4:5).

SUMMARY: Before the game, coach Santeri Heiskanen changes the lines. So at the Odegar stadium Sailio, Sharp and Simon Kostner play together in the first forward line, while Julian Kostner, Pechlaner and Spinell form the second line. The first highlight is of the house masters with Finoro who however is not able to bring the puck in the empty goal of the Rittner Buam (1st). Asiago's advantage arrives shortly after with Miglioranzi who sends the puck into the corner (1'32"). A power play for the Rittner Buam arrives later, but in the 120 seconds of powerplay time they don't create any occasion. The game is in the hands of the house masters that around the middle of the first period waste two chances with Forte (10th) and Finoro (11th). On the opposite side after a quick attack Sailio is stopped by Vallini (13th). In the following minutes the result doesn't change and the first third ends with a measure advantage of the house masters.

The middle period starts with a double goal by Asiago. First Finoro deflects in goal a shot of Stefano Marchetti (22'08") and 33 seconds later Giliati 33 scores the 3:0 on a rebound. The Rittner Buam appear dejected, but recover. After less than half an hour of play Marzolini shortens with the goal of 3:1, also thanks to a deviation of Gios that makes the puck unstoppable. At the 32nd minute, the guests took advantage of an error in the change of the star players. Prast shoots, Vallini cannot hold and Fink scores the second goal of the Altoatesini. For the Rittner Buam things get even better: 9 seconds before the siren the draw arrives with a one-timer by Uusivirta on Simon Kostner's pass. The game is completely open.

The third period of the game has just begun and the South Tyroleans have bad luck: Sailio takes a post in the 41st minute. Then the Rittner Buam are in on the penalty kill, but attempts to make the 4:3 by Asiago are foiled by Smith. Both teams play aggressively, don't give an inch and look for the victory. After an attempt by Ginnetti (59th), it is Finoro who scores the 4:3 for the house masters: after having put the turbo on the right wing, he beats Smith from a sharp angled position. The Rittner Buam, who removed Smith for a sixth skater, managed to recover with the draw scored by Sharp at 21 seconds from the siren.

The game goes to the overtime. Simon Kostner first takes a post, but then Sailio scores the decisive goal with an empty net goal, as Asiago coach Barrasso has removed Vallini from the ice for an extra skater.


Migross Supermarkets Asiago Hockey - Rittner Buam 4:5 OT (1:0, 2:3, 1:1, 0:1)

Goals: 1:0 Miglioranzi (1'32"), 2:0 Finoro (22'08"), 3:0 Giliati (22'41"), 3:1 Marco Marzolini (29'11"), 3:2 Kevin Fink (32'02"), 3:3 Lasse Uusivirta (39'51"), 4:3 Finoro (58'55"), 4:4 MacGregor Sharp (59'39"), 4:5 Sailio (61'22"/EN)

Photo: Max Pattis