The brave Rittner Buam tie the series

Collalbo, March 29, 2022 - Thanks to a courageous performance at home in the Ritten Arena, Santeri Heiskanen's team beat the favored HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice 3:2 on Tuesday night and thus evened the series and secured another home game. The next challenge of the Alps Hockey League semifinal series will take place on Thursday in Slovenia.

THE SUMMARY: The Rittner Buam must face the demanding match with a decimated lineup, as coach Heiskanen must do without goalie Smith and forwards Julian Kostner, Fink, Spinell and Manuel Öhler. But even the guests didn't fare much better, as they arrived in Collalbo with only 16 skaters. For the hosts the game started with a two-minute penalty, during which they managed to score. Sailio starts on his own, unleashes Sharp to perfection and the latter, on his return to the ice, accompanies the puck over the goal line. Later Jesenice becomes more active, but the defensive bar headed by goalie Treibenreif holds. Halfway through the initial period, Froberg has to intervene in a decisive way on Sailio's shot (10th) and soon after the same guest goalie directs Sharp's shot over the goal line (11th). On the opposite side Treibenreif is lucky when Pance takes a post on a powerplay situation (12th). Some minutes pass and the goalkeeper of the Rittner Buam distinguishes himself on a shot of Viikila (15th). Then it's a succession of shots: first Svetina equalizes by successfully deflecting a shot of Brus (16'07") and then, only 55 seconds later, Treibenreif is also beaten by Pance who scores from the short distance in power play.

In the second period the Rittner Buam start with commitment. At the beginning of the period, Osburn is stopped by Froberg's leg, but soon after, the young Jakob Prast tricks the adversary extreme defender in the corner and scores the draw (21'06"). The Rittner Buam took a liking to it and launched one attack after the other to the opponents goal, but were not able to materialize. Jesenice, on the other hand, becomes more active only towards the middle of the second period, but Viikila and his mates are stopped by Treibenreif. The game becomes a little more abrupt and the players on the ice attack each other continuously. In the last five minutes Logar (35th), Ulamec and Pance (both in the 37th) could bring the guests to the advantage, but it remains on the draw. At 100 seconds before the second intermission, Rajsar has to go to the penalty bench and at the very last second, the blue-red take advantage of the powerplay with a shot of Uusivirta that brings Heiskanen's team ahead (39'59").

In the final period first Jakob Prast has to surrender to Froberg (42nd) and shortly after Krmelj is stopped by Treibenreif on the opposite side of the field. Jesenice has to play the game, but Renon's team cleverly manages to keep the opponents away. In the 47th minute Simon Kostner shoots over the goal, then in the 52'09" minute the house masters have to play with one man less, but come out unharmed from the power play of the opponents. Two minutes before the end of the game, Treibenreif intervened decisively on Zibelnik. But the guests are unable to do more. In the last moments of the game, a brawl is finally created, involving several players of both teams.

For the Rittner Buam this was the first home victory after four defeats against Jesenice: a success that arrived at the right moment. The semifinal series will continue with game 3 on Thursday night in Slovenia.


AlpsHL, Playoffs, semifinal series:

Rittner Buam - HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice 3:2 (1:2, 2:0, 0:0)

Goals: 1:0 MacGregor Sharp (2'59" /SH), 1:1 Svetina (16'07"), 1:2 Pance (17'02" /PP), 2:2 Jakob Prast (21'06"), 3:2 Lasse Uusivirta (39'59" /PP)

Series (best of five): 1:1 (1:2, 3:2)

Photo: Max Pattis