The Furies give the first defeat to the Rittner Buam

Collalbo, September 23, 2021 - After three wins in the Alps Hockey League 2021/22 the Rittner Buam were defeated for the first time on Thursday night in front of their home crowd. Despite more chances, Santeri Heiskanen's team had to surrender to HC Gherdëina 3:4. The blue-red will have the chance to make up for it on Saturday starting at 6 pm, when the Future Team of KAC will be guests at the Ritten Arena.

At the Ritten Arena the Rittner Buam started better, having to do without Marzolini and Manuel Öhler. After some empty shots of Pechlaner (3rd) and Simon Kostner (4th), on the other side Smith had to get involved on an attempt of McGowan (5th). Gherdëina would slow down after that and it would remain the first and last dangerous action of the furies. First the guests have to resist a kill a penalty, during which Lutz shoots wide and a shot of Frei is stopped by Furlong's skate (8th). Then the home team continued to dominate, but Heiskanen's team failed to score: the Rittner Buam continued to have to surrender to Furlong. In the final phase of the first period. Gherdëina creates two chances, but Korhonen and McGowan are beaten by Smith.


For the Rittner Buam the second period started with a cold shower. After only 31 seconds Selan surprises Smith with a shot from the blue line and scores the 0:1 goal. The reaction of the house masters is not long in coming, but Sailio is unable to cash in the reboud (22nd). Shortly after, due to a defensive error of the blue-red, Korhonen would have the occasion to score the 2:0 for the Ladins. The goal, however, arrived from the other side with Pechlaner scoring in the farthest corner (26'13"). Afterwards, however, Renon would take penalties itself: first Giacomuzzi had to leave the ice on a double minor (2+2), and shortly afterwards Lutz had to do the same. Hannu Järvenpää's team took advantage of the two man advantage with Korhonen who, from a short distance, brought the puck to the goal and passed over the post (30'02"). The Rittner Buam have to kill another penalty and shortly after Uusivirta shoots the puck on the post (35th). Shortly after, Pechlaner has to go to the penalty box, but the Gardena's players are not able to transform their fourth power play into a goal in the central period.


In the final period, the house masters look for the draw and are rewarded in the 48th minute. Sölva goes in the penalty box and after only 18 seconds into the poweplay Frei sends the puck in the long corner. The Buam's joy doesn't even last 4 minutes, because from behind the Rittner Buam's goal Korhonen shoots the puck in front of goalie Smith who pushes it over the line.  When four minutes from the end Samuel Moroder scores the goal of 4:2 for the furies, the game seems to be closed. Coach Heiskanen calls a time-out and shortly after takes Smith off the ice to replace him with a sixth skater. The game is worth the candle: 109 seconds before the siren whistle, Sharp shortens the distances. But nothing changed for the first seasonal victory of Gardena's team, who valiantly defended their goal. For Gardena this is the 2nd success in the Alps Hockey League in the 11th game against Renon and the 30th victory in 71 matches. At the end of the match the two best players of the match are awarded: Ville Korhonen (HC Gherdëina) and Philipp Pechlaner (Rittner Buam), who receive a prize from the sponsor Loacker.


On Saturday, the Rittner Buam will be back in front of their home crowd. At 6 pm the Future Team of KAC will be the guests.



Alps Hockey League 2021/22

Rittner Buam - HC Gherdëina 3:4 (0:0, 1:2, 2:2)

Goals: 0:1 Selan (20'31"), 1:1 Pechlaner (26'13"), 1:2 Korhonen (29'21" /PP2), 2:2 Frei (47'52"), 2:3 Korhonen (51'38"), 2:4 Samuel Moroder (56'08"), 3:4 Sharp (58'11")


Photo: Max Pattis