The goal festival between Renon and Kitzbühel ends with a victory for the Rittner Buam

Collalbo, December 11, 2021 - The Renon Express is on the march: on Saturday night, in the 23rd round of the Alps Hockey League, Santeri Heiskanen's team asserted itself 8:4 against EC Die Adler Stadtwerke Kitzbühel. For the blue-red’s, it was the 13th success in the 14th challenge with the Tyrolean team.

SUMMARY: In the Tyrolean derby against his own ex-team, Uusivirta gives a first warning to the house masters, but Moser stops him with his legs. Shortly after, the Kitzbühel goalie cannot do anything when Sailio passes to Julian Kostner and the latter only has to control the stick to score the 1:0 goal (4'40"). The Rittner Buam, who this time have to do without Lang, Jakob Prast, Quinz and Giacomuzzi, continue to press, but are rewarded with the second goal only after a quarter of an hour. Frei passes the puck back to Brunner who places it with precision in the goal's corner (14'33"). In the first period the 3:0 goal arrived: Julian Kostner was ready 34 seconds before the siren.

In the second period Kitzbühel was more aggressive on the ice and after 104 seconds, scored the goal that shortened the distance. With coldness Purins surprises Hannes Treibenreif among the Bretenne. In the middle of the second period, Heiskanen's team changed gear and the 4:1 goal came immediately. Frei concludes a nice solo action with a shot placed in the far corner (35'45").

The festival of goals has its climax in the final period. In the last 20 minutes at the Ritten Arena seven goals will be scored. Sharp on the powerplay (42'22"), Spinell with a masterpiece (48'41") and Osburn, who surprises Moser between the suspenders (52'34") extends the score and bring the partial result to 7:1. The guests, however, didn't give up and scored to make it 7:2 with Lindhagen. Three minutes before the end, Kittinger, in numeric superiority, scores the third goal for the Eagles. But the game has still something in store. A few seconds later, in fact, the 18 years old Lion Ramoser scores his first goal in the Alps Hockey League and brings the house masters on 8:3. But the last goal of the game comes from the guests with Jevdokimovs who, only two seconds before the final whistle, scores the final 8:4.

The Rittner Buam will be busy again in the Alps Hockey League on Thursday 23rd December, when Simon Kostner and his teammates will be guests of EHC Lustenau.


Rittner Buam - EC Die Adler Stadtwerke Kitzbühel 8:4 (3:0, 1:1, 4:3)

Goals: 1:0 Julian Kostner (4'40"), 2:0 Alexander Brunner (14'33"), 3:0 Julian Kostner (19'26"), 3:1 Purins (21'44"), 4:1 Alex Frei (35'45"), 5:1 MacGregor Sharp (42'22" /PP), 6: 1 Markus Spinell (48'41"), 7:1 Zach Osburn (52'34"), 7:2 Lindhagen (52'58"), 7:3 Kittinger (57'11" /PP), 8:3 Lion Ramoser (57'57"), 8:4 Jevdokimovs (59'58")

MVP of the match powered by Loacker: Mintautiskis to KEC and Julian Kostner (RIT)

Photo: Max Pattis