The prickly Rittner Buam beat a tired Asiago

Collalbo, October 28, 2021 - The 12th round of the Alps Hockey League on Thursday night had the Rittner Buam challenge against the Italian champions Asiago. In the 168th match between the two historical Italian hockey clubs, the team trained by Santeri Heiskanen won the game 5:1. 

SUMMARY: The Rittner Buam have to do without Manuel Öhler, Markus Spinell, Lasse Uusivirta and Jari Sailio and start the match against Asiago, whihch is the most important game of the day. At first the chances are poor for both teams. After 7'30" Osburn has to sit in the penalty box, but Heiskanen's team overcomes the penalty kill unharmed. For the first goal of the game we have to wait another five minutes, when Alex Frei takes advantage of a missile by Osburn to score against his former team (12'42"). For the Renon's number 21 it was his fifth goal of the season. But everything comes and goes: only 36 seconds after the 1:0 goal, Jakob Prast has to go to the penalty box. After 23 seconds on the power play, Salinitri shoots the puck at the inside post, which then ends up in Smith's goal. The tie spurs the house masters. First Eisath (17th) and Julian Kostner (18th) missed two chances, then, 34 seconds before the siren sounds Stefan Quinz brought the Rittner Buam in the lead for the second time.


The first chance in the second period came in the 24th minute with Alex Frei, who missed the short corner. Shortly after Lievore takes a penalty and the blue-reds take advantage after only 21 seconds. Sharp sees Simon Kostner, the latter passes to Frei who with a one timer scores the 3:1 goal (24'56"). In the following minutes the Rittner Buam play as if they were drunk, but Ramoser (27th) and Lang (28th) waste some possible 4:1. Then Osburn has to sit in the penalty box (31'41") and Renon risks with an attack by Stevan, that is cancelled by a prowess of Smith (33°). Five minutes before the siren, Lang and Simon Kostner make mistakes, and Smith intervenes in a decisive way on Marchetti (39°).


In the final period, the Rittner Buam not only escaped unharmed from two numeric inferiorities, but managed to score with down a man. At the 48th minute, Philipp Pechlaner decided the game by sinking a shot for the 4:1 lead. With just over three minutes to go Rittner Buam's number 59 scores again - this time Pechlaner is awarded a goal after being tripped during a counterattack with the empty net. The 168th duel against Asiago, that was affected by the long weekend of the Continental Cup, ended perfectly with the 73rd victory of the Rittner Buam.


At the end of the match, Jose Magnabosco for Asiago and Alex Frei for the hosts were named best players of the match and awarded with a gift by the partner Loacker. For the Rittner Buam the Alps Hockey League will continue on Saturday 30th October away against the EC KAC Future Team. The match will start at 7 pm.


 Rittner Buam - Migross Supermarkets Asiago Hockey 5:1 (2:1, 1:0, 2:0)

Goals: 1:0 Alex Frei (12'42"), 1:1 Anthony Salinitri (13'41" /PP), 2:1 Stefan Quinz (19'26"), 3:1 Alex Frei (31'41" /PP), 4:1 Philipp Pechlaner (47'23" /SH), 5:1 Philipp Pechlaner (56'47" /EN)