The Rittner Buam can celebrate after a formidable third period

Collalbo, September 25, 2021 - The Rittner Buam on Saturday night successfully overcame the first defeat of the season suffered against HC Gherdëina. Santeri Heiskanen's team asserted itself for a 4:2 win against the KAC Future Team. The last 20 minutes were decisive in front of the 281 spectators of the Ritten Arena, during which the blue-reds did a great job in attack. 

Summary: In the third home match of the season, the Rittner Buam will have to play without three key players, Marco Marzolini, Jari Sailio and Manuel Öhler. Hannes Treibenreif protects the goal of the hosts. The blue-reds have a very active start and after a little more than three minutes they receive a powerplay, but the formation of Klagenfurt overcomes the numeric inferiority unscathed. Shortly after, Treibenreif couldn't keep the puck shot by Unterluggauer and Fröwis took advantage of the rebound, the Carinthians could celebrate the advantage (0:1). With this goal the top scorer of the Alps Hockey League reaches six goals. Afterwards Renon pushes for the draw, but it is KAC's Future Team that almost scores the 0:2 goal: at the 13th minute Van Ee hits a post. In the final minutes of the first third, Santeri Heiskanen's team raised the rhythm again, but both Osburn (19th) and Fink (20th) had to surrender to Vorauer.


In the middle period the Rittner Buam are more active, but Klagenfurt's team finds again the best occasion. This time Klassek hit the puck on the post (32nd minute). A few moments pass and Lutz has to go to the penalty box (31'33"). Two seconds before the end of the penalty, Kirk Furey's team doubles the score with the 0:2 goal: Sunitsch beats Treibenreif at the end of a counter-attack. Afterwards, the blue-red come out unharmed from another numeric inferiority and then, a few seconds before the siren, Julian Kostner's shot is parried by Vorauer, once more impeccable.


The Rittner Buam arrived to the final period with the right spur and in several phases pushed the KAC Future Team to stay in their own zone. After 44'12" minutes of the game, the blue-red are rewarded with Robert Öhler who deflects in a shot from Osburn. Shortly after Piuk has to reach the penalty box and from the power play comes Uusivirta's draw who scores from a short distance (46'06"). Things start to turn in the right way for the Renon team, that exactly five minutes after the draw goal, takes the advantage. Markus Spinell finds himself in a perfect position on a Lutz's shot and pushes the puck over the goal line. With 36 seconds to go and with an empty goal, the number 22 of the Rittner Buam scores the final 4:2 and the fourth victory in five championship games.


At the end of the game, the best players of the match are awarded with a prize from the sponsor Loacker: Neal Unterluggauer for the guests and Lasse Uusivirta for the Rittner Buam.



Alps Hockey League 2021/22

Rittner Buam - KAC Future Team 4:2 (0:1, 0:1, 4:0)

Goals: 0:1 Fröwis (6'49"), 0:2 Sunitsch (33'31" /PP), 1:2 Robert Öhler (44'12"), 2:2 Lasse Uusivirta (46'06" /PP), 3:2 Markus Spinell (49'12"), 4:2 Markus Spinell (59'24" /EN)


Photo: Max Pattis