The winning streak for the Rittner Buam ends in Cortina

Cortina, 21 October 2021 - After six wins in a row, the Alps Hockey League round played on Thursday night, the Rittner Buam had to surrender. Against SG Cortina Hafro, Santeri Heiskanen's team lost 4:1. For the blue-red this is the second defeat in the current championship.

The Rittner Buam, who have to do without Jari Sailio and Kevin Fink, start immediately resolute and have more possession of the puck. As the game goes on, however, the house masters take more and more control and have some good chances, all stopped by the careful Jake Smith. At the 14th minute Julian Kostner wastes the best occasion up to that moment when he shoots off an exemplary pass by Sharp. Within a short time, also Sanna and Adamit on the other side of the field had to surrender to the number one of the Rittner Buam. Luck comes to the Renon team in the 18th minute when Alverà takes a post. The guests take the lead practically on counterattack. After a turnover Spinell passes to Simon Kostner, who sees Alex Frei. Renon's number 21 finally puts the puck in the goal (17'44"). We go to the locker room with the blue-reds in advantage (0:1).


In the rhythmic middle period Julian Kostner would have the occasion to score the 0:2, but he had to surrender to De Filippo (24th). On the other side of the field Cortina does better. Sanna goes towards the Rittner Buam's goal, tries to finish and at the second attempt somehow manages to send the puck over the line. The Rittner Buam protest, because they detected a foul on goalie Smith, to no avail. At 24'05" the score is 1:1 and Lutz has to go to the penalty box because his bad mood is too strong. At 12 seconds from the end of the penalty, Osburn too had to leave the ice, but Renon's defensive wall held. At about the half-hour of the game Quinz is beaten by De Filippo and three minutes before the second intermission also Simon Kostner suffers the same fate against the strong goalkeeper of Cortina.


The third has started less than three when Giacomuzzi scores the goal that would bring the Rittner Buam in the lead again, but his goal is disallowed for a high stick - another questionable decision of the referees. Then the Rittner Buam push for the 1:2, but Cortina remains dangerous and stinging as well. The Ampezzo's players are rewarded at the 54th minute, when at the end of a solitary action of Johansson, the puck ends in the Renon's goal and the goal is assigned to Lacedelli. Two minutes before the end of the game, the blue-red ask for a time out and remove goalie Smith from the ice, but Ivo Machacka's boys scored twice more. Lacedelli and Sanna put the seal on Cortina's victory, a 4:1 win at home. For the Rittner Buam this is the sixth defeat in the last seven challenges against the Ampezzo team.


This weekend the Rittner Buam will not be on the field. They will be engaged in the next Alps Hockey League game next Thursday at the Ritten Arena: on October 28 at 8 pm they will face the Italian champions Asiago.



Alps Hockey League 2021/22

SG Cortina Hafro - Rittner Buam 4:1 (0:1, 1:0, 3:0)

Goals: 0:1 Alex Frei (17'44"), 1:1 Marco Sanna (24'05"), 2:1 Riccardo Lacedelli (53'25"), 3:1 Riccardo Lacedelli (58'30" /EN), 4:1 Marco Sanna (59'40" /EN)


Photo: Max Pattis